Best Destinations for Solo Female Tours in India

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A midnight journey, talking to strangers, the scratched bruised skin peeping through shorts, the heavy backpack, the messy hair and clothes is the new millennial avatar of the girl of substance. They are no more fragile and are in no need of help.

Solo female travellers are who we are talking about.

Though India is notorious about women's safety, still it attracts lots of women tourists from USA, UK, Australia, Greece, New Zealand and all around the world. The proper commuting services, 24/7 helpline, the friendly natives, the English speaking population and cheap cost are the main reason why females choose India as their destination for Solo trips.

India has many places that are rich and abundant with beautiful landscape, architectural monuments and incredible native traditions but along with that few places earn some extra brownies on being completely safe for Women. After following some simple guidelines and being attentive about surrounding you can easily keep yourself safe on these destinations.

Follow this simple guide for some chosen best destinations for solo women tour in India and know why a spontaneous female traveller like me prefer these destinations. Also select one amazing solo travel packages India so that you can have a great experience and you can enjoy in your own.

1. Goa


In India, Goa is a destination that is loved by everyone. One simple reason for such universal appreciation is the positive and lively vibes which can be experienced at every nook. This western state of India has some exotic beaches, with ample comfortable stays, adventurous activities like water sports, trekking, cruises, casinos, flea market and lip-smacking seafood. I am fond of this place and suggest all my female friends who want to travel alone to visit this place firstly because this place is lively , secondly you might meet many other solo travellers and can find a good friend, thirdly the stay are comfortable and safe, and lastly the police of Goa is available 24/7 for your help.

2. Udaipur


Udaipur is the city of Lakes, The popular city is situated in the princely state, Rajasthan. The city is one of my favourites because of its beautiful palaces, serene landscape and bountiful hospitality. I love to read my favourite book sipping coffee at some cafe situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar lake or an evening walk on the narrow terrains of the local city. This destination is must-visit because of its rich and royal culture, and the high regards to visitors especially solo women. The traditional cuisine, folk dances & music, and the beautiful artworks are few more irresistible things to allure you to this beautiful land. Udaipur is easily connected to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Pushkar via road, air transport. The female traveller can update their itinerary accordingly.

3. Shimla


When in Shimla, I love to take the long walk on mountain terrain, talk to locals, and even visit their homes to relish some local delights. The famous hill stations of India is located in Himachal Pradesh and is a busy city and is always crowded. The scenic beauty of mountains, awestruck snow peak and beautifully layered roofs of the building is enjoyed from the window. I would suggest all my solo female friends who are looking for an escape from the scorching summers should visit Shimla.

The place is not only beautiful but also safe because of the continuous and intervening crowd which will never make you feel alone and you can also enjoy your solo female travel package in India with them.

Jaku Temple, Christ Church, The Ridge, Himalayan Bird Park, and Kufri are some major attractions which are always crowded with locals and tourists.

4. Ladakh


The adventurous women can ask for a lift and join the bike riders on their way to Ladakh. Being a pillion can be an experience of life. I once had this experience and is still friends with the rider. So if you are that adventurous lady than Ladakh is your destination. The city in northern India is famous for scenic views, aloof stay and simplicity. The female travelling alone should visit this destination to enjoy trekking, mountaineering and many more adventurous activities, This place attracts lots of solo travellers from all around the world throughout the year, hence is the best place to meet like-minded friends. Buddhist Monasteries, Pangong Lake, Leh Palace, are some of the places which I still cherish.

5. Hampi


The small village in Karnataka, Southern part of India is also one of my favourites. The small heritage village is famous for the massive monuments and the immortal cultural history. If you are a wanderer who wants to learn more about Indian culture and tradition than this destination is must-visit for you. Hampi is not only safe but also the pocket-friendly destination. The localities are a friendly and a bit conservative. With simple putting proper clothes and Chandan powder on your forehead you will be part of almost every ritual performed and will be one among them. I love this city because I learned a lot about Indian culture and tradition by being at this place and thoroughly enjoying my stay.

6. Pondicherry


I love this city in the south because of its French colonial architecture that just enhances the beautiful seashore ambience. The city is safe and a must-visit for all those feisty ladies who are travelling solo. The Auroville ashram is the profound destination to seek some inner peace and solitude amidst nature. The stay here is cheap and comfortable. The day can be spent in shopping on flea market that caters some cheap clothes, artefacts and jewellery. I love to take a long night walk on the Gandhi beach which is located in the city and is completely safe to be on it even on late night.


Every woman is different in their style and choice but they are unanimous, where strength and power is concerned. Solo travelling is another way of showing that feisty side of feminine where she says “I Love myself” all aloud.

So if you want to indulge in a few days of self pampering and self love then choose these destinations in India for solo women trip which are safe, accessible, comfortable and unique. So what are you waiting for! Hurry up and book an adventurous solo travel packages in India and get ready to rock the world.

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